The Machine, The Devil and The Dope

“The Machine, The Devil & The Dope” 2016 SPV/Steamhammer.

“Salvation” 2013 Transubstans Records.

"Sweet Mississippi Deal". 2010 Transubstans Records.

“Sweet Mississippi Deal” 2010 Transubstans Records.

"Constants In An Ever Changing Universe" 2008 M2/The Unit.

“Constants In An Ever Changing Universe” 2008 M2/The Unit.

"Vol.1". 2nd pressing. 2008 Daredevil Records.

“Vol.1” 2nd pressing. 2008 Daredevil Records.

"Vol.1" 2005 Daredevil Records.

“Vol.1” 2005 Daredevil Records.



“Traveling With George Vol.2” Scare America Records.
"Travelling With George" Scare America Records.

“Traveling With George” Scare America Records.

"New music for 2009" Classic Rock Magazine CD.

“New Music For 2009” Classic Rock Magazine CD.

"Everywhere Is Loud!" Evil Killing Records.

“Everywhere Is Loud!” Evil Killing Records.

"Rock n Roll Blvd" Buzzville Records.

“Rock n Roll Blvd” Buzzville Records.